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Pop Its Ball- 3D Pop Its Fidget Toy For Stress Relief

Pop its ball is a soft and squeezable 3D fidget toy made of Silicone. The diameter is approximately 5.6 cm which is just right to hold with one hand. It has got bubbles all over its surface. These bubbles go inside the ball when pressed with a finger gently. Then the bubbles come back on the surface when you squeeze the ball gently or press another bubble. It makes a popping sound when a bubble is popped and when it comes back. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

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How To Play Pop Its Ball Fidget Toy

How to Play Pop its Ball?

You can play with them in several ways.

  • You can use your thumb or any of your fingers to pop the bubbles on the surface. The size of these bubbles is perfect to pop with the fingers and it’s so satisfying to pop these bubbles with a popping sound. Now you can choose to pop one bubble at a time or even more than one if you like. Then you can squeeze the ball gently with your hand to bring the bubble back on the surface of the ball. Sometimes these bubbles come back on the surface by themselves when you press another bubble. It makes a popping sound even when the bubbles come back.

  • You can also use it to play simple catch games by yourself or with a friend. It also bounces back pretty well when you throw it against a wall, table or floor to play with it.

  • Why is Pop Its Ball so hot

    What is the pop it ball used for?

    The pop its ball is super fun to play with and can be used for several psychological and physical benefits as well.

    It proves quite helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety symptoms by keeping your hands busy and focus distracted from the stress or anxiety-provoking situation.
    Its soft and smooth texture and squishy feeling help a lot in relaxing your mind and muscles.
    You can roll or press it over your hands, arms or feet for a relaxing feeling. You can also use it to improve your focus, concentration and attention span.
    For these good reasons it can help manage ADHD and Autism as well.
    It is equally useful for adults and kids.

    3D Pop Its Ball Fidget Toy

    Animal Shape 3D Pop Its Fidget Toy

    Food Shape 3D Pop Its Stress Toy

    Pop Its Ball Spinner Fidget Toy

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