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What is Fidget Pad?

A fidget pad is a tactile felt mini gamepad. It is almost the same as Fidget cube but shaped like a video game controller. There are several parts to a fidget pad. Therefore, the parts include clickable buttons, joystick, spring slider, gear roller, texture disc, plain disc, switch, rotating disc, etc.

Consequently, all the different parts keep your hands and finger busy, manipulating your mind. The concentration you pay on the buttons helps you to relieve your stress and anxiety.

However, the buttons’ tactile feel and clicky sounds are just fun to hear and highly ear-pleasing. There are different types of Fidget Pads available including 4 functions, 8 functions, 10 functions, and 12 functions.

What’s Fidget Pad Used For?

Actually, having and playing Fidget Pads are fun. It’s a type of psychological gaming gear that relieves your stress and anxiety. People with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism, Skin Picking disorder, ADD, and ADHD get helpful psychological stress releasing feedback from the tactile feedback and clicky sounds.

In simple words, the clicky sound, and haptic characteristics help to remove stress and anxiety.

The demand for Fidget toys is constantly increasing because of the increasing stress and anxiety in schools and workplaces. People with huge workloads or students with psychological distress get anxiety and stress easily.

However, The Fidget toy Pads can easily reduce the stress level in a short time. Because these types of toys need a strong level of concentration within a short time which snatch your mind from the anxiety.

What Functions Fidget Pad Have?

It is a simple device that performs a variety of activities thanks to its several elements. One of it’s capabilities is to allow you to click, twist, rotate, and move the buttons on your device. Additionally, the buttons allow you to roll, massage, shift, breathe, flip, and spin.

As a result, when you fidget with the pads and your hands at the same time, the pads simulate a gaming experience. Most of the time, the clicky buttons provide tactile sensation and resistance.

However, there are no concerns in the area where you are. You might be strolling, sitting, traveling, or just taking a break from your activities. Play with fidget pads can help you to stay calm and relaxed.

How to Play Fidget Pad?

There are a bunch of ways to play with a fidget pad. However, how come you play, all they bring is fun and ear and mind pleasing feedback.

You can press the multicolored button which will give you clicky sounds. You can rotate the joystick. Massage your fingers on the massage roller. There are basically two gear rollers are on the opposite of the massage roller. The loud “cratch”, “cratch” sound will blow your mind.

There is a spinner on the side. Pull it and release, you will hear a crashy click sound.

On the backside of the fidget pad, there is a switch and a disc roller. The switch also gives a clicky sound which is loud. You can press the switch to two sides. Also, you can roll the disc roller as much as you wish.