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The Halloween advent calendar is made to assist in counting down the days of Halloween. The 10 days Halloween fidget advent calendar box consists of various ghost characters and other symbolic toys. The fidgeting properties make the day for the big festival. It is perfect for children eagerly waiting for Halloween to celebrate and enjoy interesting games.

The sensory toys for each day make it best for parties, decor haunted houses, and enhancing the decorations. Let your child play and open the pocket each day to find toys and count the days for Halloween.

The Halloween advent calendar is an interesting choice to count the days for a big adventure. There are pockets in an advent calendar box where your kids can place their accessories. You can keep the gorgeous Halloween miniatures, tiny ghost characters, and aid in various activities. Enhance the productivity and patience of your children with the Halloween advent calendar box.

The calendar has calming benefits to reduce your stress. We are sure our advent calendar will become your prior choice for the religious Halloween festival. Gift it to your children or place the box on the tables for Halloween. 

The Chieoon Halloween advent calendar is a complete package for the 10 days of October. The package consists of a 37” × 28” cm calendar box with pockets for each day. The 25 to 32 detachable sensory toys and mini-creatures add to the festive of Halloween.

The bat, ghosts, crabs, and plushies excite the child and engage them in healthy activities. You can keep the phrases or candies in the calendar. Your child will wait to open the pocket each day to reveal the gift.

The Halloween fidget advent calendar offers excellent fidgeting and relaxing properties. Whether you are worried or stressed, hold the toys in your hands. All the sensory toys in the calendar pack have fidgeting elements and surfaces. Push, press, tilt, rub, press, or play to relieve stress.

Among all the calendar toys, the pumpkin push bubble toy is best for relaxing. It has a bubble surface, the hand pressing or pushing gives pleasurable feelings. It increases blood flow and releases stress on the mind. 

To make your child happy, the Halloween advent 10 days calendar is the superior choice. Childs can play various games and find the ghost character in the pocket. Or you can use it as a part of Halloween decorations to wait for the last day.

There are many other ways where you can use the old advent calendars. The money you invest in an advent calendar does not waste. You can fill the calendar box with various items like pencils, chocolates, or candies to make Halloween rewarding. Even you can give the candies-filled calendar box to the children for trick or treat.

The history of the advent calendar relates to Christmas eve. The first advent calendar was printed for the child waiting for Christmas. The term advent also means coming. With time, the advent calendars were developed for Halloween.

The original advent calendars mark the thirty days or the four weeks period. Starting from 30 days, the advent calendars shorten up to about 10 days. Now, you can find a variety of advent calendars with different advanced features.